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First select your package. We offer 6 different packages. We only need your username. After we receive your payment within 1 to 24 hours wInstagrame will set your account on autopilot and every time you post something on instagram, within 5 minutes, will start raining likes!. is that simple!

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The Instagram growing very fast and most business, artist and famous / popular people buy automatic instagram likes to promote their services and/or products. If you are not using Instagram until now, you are missing a big opportunity to promote your profile or business to very large audience. BuyFansMedia realizes the complexity of using Instagram and offers 6 different packages. To help your business grow, we are providing you with auto Instagram Likes so you can grow your instagram account very fast.

The Automatic Instagram likes can change the way other people look and react on your profile. Its more difficlt for someone to like a photo with 5 or 10 likes than having 100 or 1000 likes. Having 100s of likes on a post means that the post is famous and it can attracts more likes and interaction on the post. Also buying Automatic Instagram Likes can get your post on “TOP POSTS”

How to get a post on the Top Posts?

First go to the “Top Posts” page for the hashtag you are interesting. Check how many likes does the first 3 TOP POSTS have and find the average. If for example, the first post  has 5ooo likes, the second post has 3000 likes and the third has 100o likes, YOU WILL NEED approximately 3000 in order to get your post on the TOP POSTS. Also you need to get the likes fast, within minutes, to get your post on TOP POSTS page. Buy Instagram Auto Likes from BuyFansMedia and get on TOP POSTS page now!

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Note: We may need up to 12 hours to set your account on autopilot in order to receive automatic instagram likes. Once we set it up, it works on autopilot and every time you posts something on instagram, within 5 minutes you will start receiving likes. If you want to have a delay on the delivery YOU CAN! Just contact us in advance and let us know. Also if you want any packages that are not listed on our website please contact us and we will reply to your questions within few minutes maximum few hours. Buy Automatic Instagram Likes and skyrocket your business!

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